About Ornament

The vocal group Ornament was founded in May 2003. The genesis story goes back to the mid 1980s early 1990s. At that time almost all of the singers studied at the Lyceum attached to the State Academy of Music, where then the choir and ensemble singing stood in full bloom. Since that time we have taken the baton from the then-maîtres of choir singing.













Sergey Sutsko - Bass

Alexandr Dziumin - Bass, Baritone

Andrej Petrov - Baritone

Dmitry Klochko - 2nd Tenor

Maksim Deev - Tenor

Pavel Makarevitch - Tenor

All of them have graduated from the Vocal Choral Faculty of the Belarusian Academy of Music and now are professional choirmasters, singers with well-known national choirs of Belarus.

Ornament's repertoire is versatile and vast, in terms of its time and genre span. Thus, it comprises:

- Russian orthodox music of 14th through 20th centuries;

- folk songs from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, etc.;

- music by West-European composers representing Renaissance, Classicism, Romanticism;

- negro spitiruals, jazz;

- works by contemporary composers.

- we sing any music with and without microphones

The most pieces are the original arrangements (and intellectual property) of the Ornament singers.

Since its creation, the group has been welcomed on many stages across Belarus to present its choral art to the Belarusian audience, high-rank statesmen and clergy.

One of the most notable local musical events was a unique project of Classic Avantgarde Chamber Orchestra and Ornament Ensemble featuring jazz singer Pascal von Wroblewski (Germany) in April 2008. For the first time ever the Belarusian audience had the chance of hearing the complete version of The Seven Mortal Sins by Kurt Weil at the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society.





The group has toured outside the country (in Russia, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands).

In December 2008 Ornament was invited as a guest group of honour to 11th Congress of the Russian Club of Orthodox Patrons of Art and Literature held in the Saint Trinity Lavra in Sergiev Posad (Russia). The ensemble was a great success with the congress' audience, famous people of arts, public and political leaders, businessmen from across Russia.

Since September 2010 Ornament has been involved in the Project named Music of the Soul. This social initiative under the aegis of the St Elisabeth Convent is aimed at aesthetic and spiritual education in Belarus and Russia.

2012 the Group along with dignitaries and high-level officials of our country has taken part in unconventional Meeting-Requiem on the Field of Brili. The event was a historical re-enactment dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the battle between Russian and Napoleonic forces on the Berezina River.

2016 together with other renowned musicians of our country the Group took part in concert performances, which became a good tradition, in the biggest catholic church of Belarus – the Holy Trinity Church in the agricultural settlement Hervyaty in Astravets District.

Charity is a essential part of the group's activity. Thus, the ensemble is an active stakeholder in various campaigns promoted by German philanthropic organization Wattenscheider Tafel Bochum. Ornament has performed at several clinics and hospitals, children's cancer centres, old people's care centres in Belarus and Western Europe. The singers do their best to attract sponsors and draw funds. The raised funds help deliver efficient medical treatment to Belarusian children having cancer (often complicated and expensive surgical procedures in German clinics).

There are eight albums in Ornament's discography, and the singers are now working on the sixth one, entirely dedicated to the Belarusian folk song genre.
Vocal Ensemble Ornament will readily consider any new projects and suggestions of partnershipether with other renowned musicians of our country the Group took part in concert performances, which became a good tradition, in the biggest catholic chu.